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The Best 10 European Festivals To Experience Culture

The Best 10 European Festivals To Experience Culture


Europe is the land of culture and festivals. The continent is home to many beautiful cities, towns and villages, each with its own unique character and charm. Europe boasts numerous cultural events that are attended by millions of people every year. From large-scale festivals such as Oktoberfest in Munich and Venice Biennale International Art Exhibition, which attract thousands of tourists from across the globe, to smaller ones like Festival Of Christmas In Russia – Celebrating The Birth Of Jesus Christ And Russian Culture For Three Weeks In December which attracts locals who come together to enjoy traditional Russian culture through song, dance and artworks; you will never be bored while traveling around Europe!

The Best 10 European Festivals To Experience Culture

Festival of Lights

Montreal is the city of festivals, and this one is no exception. The Festival of Lights takes place on December 21st, the shortest day of the year. In fact, it’s so short that it’s called “Solstice” by some cultures (like ours). The festival celebrates this event with music and theater performances throughout Old Montreal as well as visual arts installations at Place des Arts. If you’re looking for something new to do during your visit to Montreal or if you want to experience culture in another country without having to travel too far from home–this festival might be right up your alley!

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is the world’s largest arts festival, and it happens every August in Edinburgh, Scotland. The festival was founded in 1947 as part of an effort to revitalize the city after World War II. Today, it draws about 50,000 performers from all over Europe and beyond to perform on stages throughout Edinburgh during its 11-day run.

The event has grown so much in popularity that it now attracts more than 2 million attendees each year–that’s more than twice as many people than attend Coachella! There are hundreds of shows available at any given time during this massive celebration of culture and creativity; here are some highlights:


Oktoberfest is a 16-day festival held annually in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. The festival dates back to 1810, when it was originally held as an agricultural fair. The Oktoberfest has been held every year since then except during World War I and II when it was cancelled because of severe food shortages in Europe (don’t worry–it’s not cancelled this year).

The festival begins at 12 p.m., on the first Saturday in October and ends on the first Sunday in November (the last day being known as “Wiesn” or “Wies’n”). During this time, beer tents are set up throughout the city where visitors can enjoy traditional music performances while drinking their favorite lagers or ales!


Operalia is the world’s premier competition for young opera singers. Since its inception in 1992, Operalia has been held annually in Verona, Italy. The competition is open to singers between the ages of 18 and 29 who have not yet reached their 30th birthday on December 31st of the year of application or are still studying at music conservatories or universities.

Opera fans from around the world watch as participants vie for prizes that include cash awards totaling $150,000 USD; exclusive worldwide concert engagements with leading opera companies such as La Scala (Milan), Teatro alla Scala (Milan), Royal Opera House Covent Garden London/Royal Danish Theatre Copenhagen/Opera Australia Sydney; invitations to master classes given by top conductors such as Riccardo Muti and Zubin Mehta–as well as those given by artists such as Anna Netrebko–and much more!

London Film Festival

The London Film Festival is the UK’s leading film festival and it is held in October. It’s the first major film festival of the year, so you can see new films before anyone else. The festival also offers opportunities to meet actors and directors from all over the world!

The Venice Biennale – International Art Exhibition

The Venice Biennale is the world’s oldest art exhibition and one of the most prestigious. It takes place every two years in Venice, Italy, showcasing contemporary art and culture from around Europe (and beyond). The Biennale is held in two locations: the Giardini and Arsenale–the former being an open-air exhibition area with pavilions designed by famous architects; while the latter is an enclosed space which houses national pavilions for participating countries to exhibit their work.

The next edition will be held from May 11 to November 24 2020 so start planning your trip now!

Edinburgh Fringe Festival – The World’s Largest Arts Festival

Edinburgh Fringe Festival is the world’s largest arts festival, and it takes place every August in Edinburgh, Scotland. The festival was founded in 1947 and has been running ever since. It features thousands of performances from artists from all over the globe and attracts an audience of over 2 million people annually.

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival hosts a wide range of shows including comedy acts, dramas, musicals and dance shows as well as street performers who perform on stages along Princes Street (the main shopping street). You can also see some very interesting street art here too!

Europalia International Music Festival – 20 Years of Musical Discoveries in Belgium and the Netherlands

Europalia International Music Festival is one of the largest music festivals in Europe, held in Brussels, Belgium. It’s a celebration of European culture and has been held since 1977. The festival usually lasts for two weeks every other year (alternating with Europalia Dance).

The Europalia International Music Festival is an opportunity to discover new talents from all over Europe by attending concerts or workshops given by musicians from different countries who come together during this event with their instruments to share their passion for music through performances ranging from classical music to jazz or world music styles such as tango or fado!

Festival Of Christmas In Russia – Celebrating The Birth Of Jesus Christ And Russian Culture For Three Weeks In December

The Festival of Christmas in Russia is one of the largest one-day events in the world, celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ and Russian culture for three weeks in December. This event takes place on Nikolskaya Street, which is considered to be Moscow’s main street and has been named after Saint Nikolay since 1555. The tradition started as a celebration for Orthodox Christians who wanted to show off their religious icons and offerings during this time period. Today it has evolved into something else entirely: an opportunity for people from all over Europe (and beyond) to come together and celebrate with each other through food, music and dance!

Bloemencorso Amsterdam Flower Parade, Holland’s Largest One-Day Street Event

The Bloemencorso Amsterdam Flower Parade, Holland’s Largest One-Day Street Event

The Bloemencorso Amsterdam Flower Parade is held the first Sunday of August and is considered to be the largest one-day street event in the world. This celebration of Dutch culture and history takes place in Amsterdam, Holland and has been held since 1954. In 2019, it will be held on August 4th!

There are many festivals to enjoy in Europe

There are many festivals to enjoy in Europe, but these are some of the best.

  • Festival of Lights, Amsterdam: This festival features a colorful parade and fireworks show. It takes place every year on December 31st and January 1st, usually starting around 8 PM each night at Dam Square in Amsterdam.
  • Operaalia, Torino: This is an opera festival held every year between June and July that celebrates the art form with performances from both international stars as well as local talent (including those who have trained at the Conservatorio di Torino).
  • Bloemencorso Amsterdan Flower Parade: Also known as Floriade or Floriade Amsterdam Flower Parade; this annual event has been taking place since 1952 when it was first organized by several horticultural societies within The Netherlands’ capital city’s boundaries as a way for them all to showcase their work together instead of separately as they had done previously during other events such as flower shows held throughout Europe each year by different groups over time periods ranging anywhere between 2 weeks up until 2 months depending upon location preferences).


We hope that this article has inspired you to plan a trip to Europe and experience its culture. We know firsthand how much fun it is to attend a festival, so we encourage you to get out there and enjoy yourself!